Glassware Burton-On-Trent

Are you looking for an award that's a cut above the rest? When you want to award someone at an industry event, glassware is a fantastic option. It allows you to offer a one-off, customised award that not just anyone will have. While normal trophies, medals and rosettes are good for events when you're giving out lots of prizes, glassware is a great choice when you're giving out just a few special awards. Trent Trophies sells glassware in Burton-On-Trent, with the ability to engrave your glassware to customise it. Glassware is particularly suitable to corporate and industry awards, from advertising to comedy.

Glassware Styles

Glassware is an elegant and sophisticated option for awards. It is available in various styles so that you can choose a shape that's suitable for your awards. There are glass plaques in shapes such as octagons, shields, diamonds or just plain rectangles. They have a range of bases too, with different sizes and amounts of heaviness, so you can choose how much weight you might want your awards to have. Some styles are perfectly suited so certain industries or even for sporting awards. Take a look at our range of products to see the different styles that we have available.

Choice of Glass

We offer three different types of glass for our glassware awards. You can choose between economy, standard and premium glass. These three options give you a choice of different price points so that you can select models that work for your budget. Even our economy glass options offer you quality products for a great price, but you can also step up your awards by selecting either standard or premium glass. Economy glassware is for the most part thinner, although it's still excellent quality. Some of premium glass options have colours, as well as clear glass, plus metal elements. There are also economy glasswares available with colours and glitter elements.

Why Choose Glassware?

Simply put, glassware awards are more sophisticated and long-lasting than other options. Glass looks sleek and beautiful, and it's a great choice for corporate and industry awards. When you want to recognise someone for their professional achievements, you need to give them something that has a professional look and feel to it. A glass award is weighty, smooth and can be engraved with any words that you want to add. If you're trying to decide what sort of awards you want to give, glassware is ideal.

Get Glassware in Burton-On-Trent

Trent Trophies makes it easy to order glassware in Burton-On-Trent. Find out more about the products that we have on offer by taking a look at our trophy catalogues. We have a broad range of glassware awards so you can choose the shape, style and glass that works for your needs. If you want to know more, get in touch with us for advice. We can discuss your options and how to order the awards that you want. Remember that you can personalise all of our awards with engraving so you have custom awards.